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Translate & Speak YouTube Subtitles

Translate YouTube video subtitles and speak them aloud.

Just like a virtual simultaneous interpreter for YouTube videos.

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SimIntpr can translate YouTube subtitles into most common languages.
It uses advanced text-to-speech technology to generate a synthesized voice reading the translated subtitles out loud.

- Translate YouTube subtitles and read them aloud.
- Choose from over 160 voices in nearly 40 languages.
- Customize voice settings like volume, rate, and pitch to get the perfect sound for you.
- Works with YouTube videos anywhere, even if embedded.
- Download subtitles.
- Display dual subtitles.


jhan johnny
jhan johnny


HManubis HM
HManubis HM

"כל הכבוד למפתחים! סוף סוף יש עברית! אני רוצה לתת לכם 6 STARS ****** אתם אלופים!"

זירת החדשות בישראל NEWS.ISRAEL
זירת החדשות בישראל NEWS.ISRAEL
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